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Welcome to WildChilli.EU, the website with information on wild capsicums. This website even contains information about very rare Capsicum species. We have some interesting articles about different wild capsicum species on our main site. Not only does our website contain information about wild capsicums, it contains pictures and the experiences of the people who grow them. If you are interested in the experiences of some of our members, you should take a look at our: FORUM

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People from all over the world share their thoughts on growing wild capsicums on our forum. From how to germinate, to how to get your plants to pass through the winter. From what fertilizers to use, to successful grafting attempts.



All capsicum species originate from the jungle of South-America, how come people from all over the world are interested in these species nowadays? Reasons vary from person to person. The most heard reasons are the exceptional taste, the heat and the beauty of the plants. 


Wild capsicums have an exceptional taste. Consider those species have not changed since the dawn of time. They are exactly the same species the Indian tribes collected in pre-Columbian times. These species witnessed the rise and fall of empires. There are secrets, unknown to us now. While eating those capsicums it is almost like a part of that secret history is revealed inside of you.


Wild capsicum species excel in beauty, the flowers vary in colour and shape. Take C.cardenasii or C.praetermissum for example, their flowers are white and purple. Or C.rhomboideum which is the only capsicum species with yellow flowers.


Not only the flowers of wild capsicums are extraordinary, the leafs are special too. When you take a close look at C.galapagoense's or C.praetermissum's leafs, you’ll see hairs grow on them. Or take for example C. Lanceolatum's lance shaped leafs. The plant was very close to extinction (It actually was thought to be extinct) until the rediscovery of this species in 1991 more then 50 years later under the lead of Paul W. Bosland who organized another expedition to Guatemala.

If you are attracted to the beauty of wild-capsicums, you should definitely take a look at our: 


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Lose yourself in all the articles and pictures on the website and the topics on our forum, feel free to ask your questions and share your thoughts. Although most of our activities occur online, we have already managed to organize a trip to the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands. Perhaps, one day, you can join us on a field trip. 

Growing Wild Chilli's is fun, it's exciting.. Our purpose is to obtain and share as much information there is about Wild chilli"s or Wild Capsicums and keep these interesting species alive! Take a plunge in the world of Wild Chilli.


The WildChilli.EU team.

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